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Why runners wear calf compression

Elite runners rely on compression to  improve performance, reduce muscle fatigue, and speed recovery. 

Easy to Run in

Calf compression increases blood flow from the feet back up to the heart. This the simple idea behind most over-the-knee compression socks.

Runners often choose either a calf sleeve, separate from the sock, or an all-in-one product, like the OS1st FS6+ Performance Foot and Calf Sleeve. A calf sleeve, like the CS6, gives the same calf compression, but allows for different support garments on the foot and ankle if necessary. Calf sleeves can also be worn after a run to speed recovery. 

Not all Compression is the Same 

Choosing the right compression garment is most important. You don’t want to have swollen feet and ankles because the blood couldn’t flow past the tightness of the lowest part of a compression sleeve. It’s important to look for products that provide non-binding openings to allow the blood to flow easily.   

OS1st uses a patented textile technology called Compression Zone Technology® (CZT®) to ensure that does not happen. CZT® helps fight the effects of gravity and increases the amount of deoxygenated blood flowing back up to the heart.  CZT® also helps stabilize the muscle and joints thereby decreasing the amount of muscular vibration, resulting in decreased fatigue and better overall stamina and performance. 

Calf Compression for Non-Runners

Compression gear isn’t just for the athlete. Do you travel? Do you work a sedentary job?  Sitting at your desk, in a plane or car for an extended period of time can wreak havoc on the blood flow in our legs. You need compression wear to assist your veins in getting that blood out of your legs and back to your heart thereby preventing blood clots and other dangerous ailments.