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Man and woman wearing navy wicked comfort socks | OS1st
Man and woman wearing navy wicked comfort socks | OS1st

Meet Wicked Comfort

Coming Spring 2024

Max cushion, durability, moisture wicking

Join a revolution in running socks where cushion doesn't mean sweat or blisters!

Product Features

Wicked Comfort is proudly made in the USA with Dry1st® technology to quickly wick away moisture at an industry leading rate. And our Conformance™ yarn has proven durability, while still delivering a luxurious, cloud-like cushion.  

Wicked Winner

Wicked Comfort Performance socks are at least 5x faster at wicking moisture away from your skin and up to 2x more durable than two other leading brands.

Our Signature Features

SWP L/R anatomically correct icon | OS1st

Anatomically correct

custom-like feel

SWP Seamless designs icon | OS1st

Seamless designs

no pinching or irritation

SWP 360 blister protection icon | OS1st

360 Blister protection

SWP Moisture wicking icon | OS1st

Moisture Wicking

Keeps feet dry

SWP Breathable yarns icon | OS1st

Comformance Yarns

keep feet cool

SWP Silver ion technology icon | OS1st

Silver Ion Technology

keeps feet fresh

SWP Wide toe box icon | OS1st

Wide toe box

for natural toe splay