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Amanda Ghent with the ElliptiGo

Team OS1st Member, Amanda Ghent, qualifies for the ElliptiGo World Championship

HICKORY, NC - Competitive runner and Team OS1st member, Amanda Ghent, will join fellow qualifying athletes at the starting line for the 2020 Elliptical Cycling World Championships in California this October. 

The Elliptical Cycling World Championship is a yearly race where athletes compete with a timed ride up Palomar Mountain with a 4,209 foot climb in 11.69 miles. The average grade being 7 percent, and all done using an ElliptiGo, the world's first elliptical bike. 

In order to qualify for the race, Ghent completed a 50 mile ride on her ElliptiGo in 4 hours or less. 

"I’m so thankful to my family and friends who have encouraged me and supported me," Ghent said. "Team Os1st has been an integral part of my injury recovery, new training methods, completion of the qualifier, and preparation for the World Championship climb."

Throughout the training process, Ghent relied on the KS7 Performance Knee Sleeve during rides and runs, and the FS4+ Compression Bracing Socks and TA6 ThinAir Performance Calf Sleeves for recovery. 

"We are so happy for Amanda and admire her commitment to set goals and achieve them while overcoming injuries during a race season hit hard by the pandemic," President of OS1st, Josh Higgins said. 

About Team OS1st 

Team OS1st athletes are chosen for their athletic achievement, dedication to their community, and experiences using OS1st's revolutionary compression technology. Athletes interested in joining Team OS1st should fill out an application form. 


About OS1st 

OS1st Base Layer Bracing® is a three-generation family business that provides compression bracing and performance socks designed in North Carolina with patented Compression Zone® Technology that uses varied compression levels to target and support muscles, and patent-pending K-Zone® Bracing Technology that provides the benefits of kinesiology taping treatment without the tape. Both technologies use textile engineering to provide pain treatment and prevention for plantar fasciitis, bunions, runner’s knee, shin splints, foot pain, leg pain, and other conditions. The science behind every OS1st product is what makes it the number one compression bracing product in run specialty retail in the United States.