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three men running along the shore

Prevent these Top 5 Running Injuries

In the ideal runner’s world, the most difficult challenge of running would be the running itself. Unfortunately, many runners discover that the worst part of the sport is coping with the pain of unwanted injuries, fractures, and strains that result from improper technique or over-ambitious mileage. Here are the top 5 most common running injuries to be on the lookout for, and how to prevent them.
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A woman in pain from shin splints

5 Tips to Relieve Shin Splints

Most runners and regular sports participants, including dancers, tennis and basketball players, will find themselves dealing with shin splints at some point. Shin splints is a term that refers to lower leg pain below the knee, either on the outside front of the leg (anterior shin splints) or the inside front of the leg (medial shin splints).
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7 ways to treat runners knee

7 Ways to Treat Runners Knee

Whether you do it for self-improvement or simply because you need a hobby, running can be one of the healthiest ways to pass time at the beginning or end of a long workday. However, as they age, many habitual runners will find themselves performing less and less (or sometimes not at all), but not necessarily because they’re experiencing gut-wrenching pain…it’s that dull, throbbing sensation that pulses throughout the knee more frequently upon each stride. 
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best stretches for calves

What Are the Best Calf Stretches for Runners and Athletes?

Taking a few moments to perform the following best calf stretches to prevent injuries can get you back up and running.  Muscle tears are extremely serious and are one of those injuries that often reoccur when you return to the sports field too quick
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how to live well

Live Well: Water, Food, and Circulation

The best way to live well is to live well consistently. Integrating good habits into your daily life is one of the greatest things you can do for your body and soul. As humans, we are creatures of habit. Even the most easy going person can appreciate a nice schedule.
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breathing techniques for running

Breathing Techniques For Running

Breathing is a problem many runners have to tackle, especially if you’re a new runner. The oxygen that gets carried to your muscles is crucial; without it you simply cannot perform well. Athletes have found that inefficient breathing can lead to pain, cramps, side stitches and even injuries. 
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Improve your running posture

How to improve running posture

Improving your running posture can prevent running injuries and help increase speed.  can prevent injury and it can even help you to run faster. Athletes such as Marilyn Arsenault from Canada hold clinics to help people improve their posture and enjoy the sport more overall. Here are some great tips for you to improve!
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how compression sleeves can help you

How Compression Sleeves Work for You

As an athlete, the quality of your performance is crucial in keeping you at the top of your game. But, have you ever wondered whether you’re performing to the best of your abilities?
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