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Image of Fad Diet text and related wording

Avoiding FAD Diets

Compelling Reasons to Stay Away From Fad Diets Diets of all kinds are attracting consumers, but that does not mean that these nutritional fads or workout trends are successful in making you lose body weight. Even if such a diet causes weight loss in your body, you will likely gain those pounds back in no time. 
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group doing yoga

The Importance of Fitness as We Age

The Importance of Fitness as We Age There are countless reasons why we tend to slow down and become more sedentary as we age. Health problems, weight gain or pain issues, together with a fear of falling, are some of the most common reasons     the elderly refrain from engaging in exercise.  It is, however, as we grow older that exercise becomes increasingly important to our health.
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a navy SEAL

Could You Handle the Daily Workout of a Navy SEAL?

A few days after Osama bi Laden’s demise in 2011, America’s most burning question—the top-searched keyword in Google—was “Navy Seal Training”, followed closely by “Navy SEAL daily workout.” Clearly, admiration for the SEALs, America's primary maritime special operations force, was higher than any interest in the political event.
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person walking on a treadmill

What Are Underpronation and Overpronation?

Many athletes and runners experience pain and discomfort in their feet due to either underpronation or overpronation. What is underpronation? What is overpronation? For that matter, what is pronation? In this post, we’ll answer all those questions and more.
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group of dancers warming up

How Compression Sleeves Can Help Dancers

Dance is one of the most beautiful sports in the world, and it’s also one of the most grueling. Dancers, especially ballet dancers, are known to spend hours on their feet, learning to move weightlessly by leveraging immense strength and control.
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healthy plate of breakfast

5 Healthy Breakfasts to Kickstart Your Workout

The most important meal of the day is even more important for fitness lovers. When you’re heading out the door for a heart-pumping hour of CrossFitweightlifting, or cardio, eating a healthy breakfast is essential to maintaining your energy. Whether you're looking for high protein breakfasts that build muscle, low carb breakfasts that assist weight loss, or fast breakfasts that will get you out the door quickly, we’ve compiled a list of options that will kickstart your morning and keep your appetite in check.
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woman participating in CrossFit

How Compression Can Injury-Proof Your CrossFit

All sports cause injuries, but of all sports, CrossFit seems to have the worst reputation. Once primarily favored by hardcore military types and professional fitness trainers, CrossFit has joined the mainstream in the past decade, with everyone from stay-at-home moms to middle-aged businesspeople pursuing the program’s lung-burning benefits.
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national park in the US

Top 6 Hardest Running Races in America

Wickedly steep mountain slopes. Rough, rocky terrain. Weather that is either blood-boilingly hot or chillingly frigid. These are just a few characteristics of some of the most challenging races in America and, indeed, the world.
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different types of shoes

How to Choose the Correct Running Shoe

Most runners are already familiar with the repetitive stress injuries that threaten their time on the track: plantar fasciitisshin splints, and even runner's knee. If you’re experiencing pain when you run, or better yet, aren't and don’t want to start, look no further than your own feet.
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person running on a trial outside

Gearing Up for the Big Race: 7 Tips to Help You Go the Distance

This is it: the first year you’re going to compete in a marathon, half-marathon, or 10k. Or maybe, to you, the term “big race” refers to anything longer than your usual half-mile around the park. Or maybe you’re a seasoned pro, and this is the year you’ll run your best time yet. 
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man working out

How compression sleeves protect your knees

Spring is finally here! With warmer weather and sunnier days, it’s time to get outside and hit the track, gym, or field once again. As you gather your gear and prepare for the coming athletic season, you may want to start thinking about ways to guard yourself against potential injuries. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating for a fitness-lover than being forced off the field after finally being able to get on it.
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three men running along the shore

Prevent these Top 5 Running Injuries

In the ideal runner’s world, the most difficult challenge of running would be the running itself. Unfortunately, many runners discover that the worst part of the sport is coping with the pain of unwanted injuries, fractures, and strains that result from improper technique or over-ambitious mileage. Here are the top 5 most common running injuries to be on the lookout for, and how to prevent them.
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