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OS1st Blog / Running

person running on muddy ground

The OS1st Virtual Running Challenge

OS1st will sponsor a virtual race challenge from March 22 to 28 to support the running community, including local businesses affected by the novel coronavirus. 

As our communities and world come together to stop the spread of the coronavirus, we want to create a virtual competition between all our runners training alone, and our online community. 

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person running on a trial outside

Gearing Up for the Big Race: 7 Tips to Help You Go the Distance

This is it: the first year you’re going to compete in a marathon, half-marathon, or 10k. Or maybe, to you, the term “big race” refers to anything longer than your usual half-mile around the park. Or maybe you’re a seasoned pro, and this is the year you’ll run your best time yet. 
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breathing techniques for running

Breathing Techniques For Running

Breathing is a problem many runners have to tackle, especially if you’re a new runner. The oxygen that gets carried to your muscles is crucial; without it you simply cannot perform well. Athletes have found that inefficient breathing can lead to pain, cramps, side stitches and even injuries. 
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Improve your running posture

How to improve running posture

Improving your running posture can prevent running injuries and help increase speed.  can prevent injury and it can even help you to run faster. Athletes such as Marilyn Arsenault from Canada hold clinics to help people improve their posture and enjoy the sport more overall. Here are some great tips for you to improve!
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